(This is my first Ponypasta, so this may be not good, desu.)

Twilight Sparkle was in the woods looking for a special fruit that Princess Celestia needed. She took out her list and read the things over and over to remember. "Hmm, Roseleaf, Trimble berry.." She read. "Good! all I need is the last berry, Slenberries."  She galloped along each forest to look for it until night. "Ugh!" She sighed, exhasted. She walked to a nearby tree and sat down, until she noticed a letter fell on her head. "What's this?" She said. She shook it off her head and noticed a badly and roughly written word. Run. "Run?" She said, looking at it, puzzled. Then she saw a should of a large pony with slithering tentacles and a horn longer that Celestia. She tried to gasp, but she coudn't. "Uh- oh..." She said, getting up. She took the letter with her and ran really far. "Oh no, I'm lost!" she said, with a frightened look. Then she saw another letter, pinned onto a tree. She ran up to the letter and read it. "Be scared," She read. "What's be scared?"  She heard a noise. A noise that sounded like an old TV with no signal playing that annoying sound. She ran and ran until she tripped on a fallen log and fell. She had a cut on her hoof and was dirtied by the mud. She saw the shadow and the noise she heard was getting louder. And louder. And louder. And the shadow was getting bigger until, a tall white pony with no face and a tuxedo came out. He had long black tentacles. She looked at the giant pony and backed away from him. "Please...stay away!" She said, flashing her horn at him. He flashed his horn and broke Twilight's. "How...ho..." She said, looking at him, scared.

"Who are you?!"

The Slender Pony walked closer to her and closer.

"Stay away..." She warned.

"Stay away.."





                                                  Twilight was never seen again, that ever "Slending" night.

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