So, once I was looking on YouTube for some videos of ponies for my brony friend, I didn't find any episodes he liked on it, so I skipped down to number 2, and he didn't like the episodes shown either, I skipped down again, but I couldn't see button number 7. I hovered over it and it was still clickable, so I clicked it, that was a bad idea, every video was titled "Ponylostepi.wmv", so, I clicked it. It was black for the first few seconds, and then I saw a man, though I couldn't see what he looked like, he was coming closer, and he started to look more realistic, I thought, "This is probably just some stupid creepypasta, but why would they post several videos of the same thing"? It got close, and it switched to some kind of meat being cut, and in the bottom left corner, a bucket said, "GET AWAY NOW!". This was starting to get scary, I tried to pause it, but it wouldn't pause. I stared into it and it became more gruesome as it went on, I tried to shut off my computer, but that didn't work either. I even went as far as to break my computer tower, it broke, but oddly it kept on playing. Soon enough, it was playing on every TV, computer, and even my iPhone. I was really scared now, it went black again, and I felt relieved, but then it switched back to the man, and he was coming out of my computer screen. He had a knife, and a butcher's outfit on, and as soon as I knew it, he cut my arm off and then everything shut off, I was screaming in pain but nobody could hear my cries for help. I limped up the stairs and into the dining room. The man was behind me again, he cut me again, and I fainted. I woke up in the hospital room, but nobody was there. I walked outside, and nobody was there either, just a bunch of cars smashed in and stuff. I saw the man coming towards me, I decided to just end it all, so I picked up a knife I found on the floor, and I slit my throat, soon enough, I was dead.