Wanna be a chat mod this is the right place. In order to be one you must:Edit

  • Be active for 27 days.
  • Make 200 edits.
  • You must be active in chat in ALL times.
  • You must never be banned from chat (wait one week to recover).
  • You must not fight or complain in chat.

These are all the requirements request here:

Request formEdit

  1. Make your username replacing NAME.
  2. That's all. Request.

Admin RequestsEdit

In order to be one you must:

  • Have 400 edits.
  • Activeness for 2 months.
  • Get 80 badges.
  • Must have chatmod, rollback rights.


1. First replace you name with NAME.

2. Then write your name and request! Done.

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